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Nationaltheater Mannheim

September 20     Sigmund (Der Ring an einem Abend-Loriot) *Role Debut


October 4            Sigmund (Der Ring an einem Abend-Loriot)

October 10          Calaf (Turandot)

October 23          Dionysos, voice and stranger (The Bassarids-Henze) *Role Debut


November 1        Calaf (Turandot)

November 5        Dionysos, voice and stranger (The Bassarids-Henze)

November 14      Sigmund (Der Ring an einem Abend-Loriot)



Deutsche Oper  Berlin

November 24      Calaf (Turandot)

November 27      Calaf (Turandot)



Nationaltheater Mannheim

December 10      Dionysos, voice and stranger (The Bassarids-Henze)

December 20      Dionysos, voice and stranger (The Bassarids-Henze)

January 12           Eléazar (La Juive) *Role Debut



Metropolitan Opera

January 13 -

March 12               Des Grieux (Manon Lescaut)  *Cover



Nationaltheater Mannheim

February 21          Eléazar (La Juive)

April 2                    Sigmund (Der Ring an einem Abend-Loriot)

April 6                    Eléazar (La Juive)



Teatro del Giglio

April 9                  Faust (Mefistofele)



Nationaltheater Mannheim

April 24                  Eléazar (La Juive)

July 7                      Eléazar (La Juive)

Mannheimer Mozartsommer 2016

July 24                    Schloss in Flammen, Schwetzingen, Germany

Opera Burg Gars

July 28                    Otello (Otello)



All performances are subject to change.

This schedule will be updated on a regular basis. 

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