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Nationaltheater Mannheim

October 4            Don Jose (Carmen)

October 18          Don Jose (Carmen)

October 24          Hagenbach (La Wally) *Role Debut, New Production

November 5        Hagenbach (La Wally)

November 22      Hagenbach (La Wally)

November 24      Don Jose (Carmen)

January 17           Hagenbach (La Wally)

February 1           Hagenbach (La Wally)

March 1                Otello (Otello)

March 13              Otello (Otello)


Volksoper Wien

March 22              Florestan (Fidelio)

March 25              Florestan (Fidelio)

March 28              Florestan (Fidelio)

March 31              Florestan (Fidelio)

April 7                   Florestan (Fidelio)


Nationaltheater Mannheim

April 12                  Otello (Otello)

May 10                   Otello (Otello)


Trondheim Symphony Orchestra

June 7                     Mefistofele (Faust)  *Role Debut

June 9                     Mefistofele (Faust) 


Nationaltheater Mannheim

June 26                  Turiddu/Canio (Cavalleria Rusticana & I Pagliacci)

July 18                    Calaf (Turandot)

July 21                    Calaf (Turandot)

July 24                    Turiddu/Canio (Cavalleria Rusticana & I Pagliacci)

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